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Determine Your Food Allergy At HomeThursday 08/30/2012
Dr. DanDr. Dan Kuehne / Customized Clinical Nutritionist

Determine Your Food Allergy At Home

How Do You Determine Your CORE food allergens?


It is a simple process that you can do at home no charge. The majority of food allergies/intolerances are delayed sensitivity reactions. Elimination is the most accurate way for you to determine the delayed sensitivity reactions. To do this, you must, eliminate the suspected food intolerance completely from the diet for 2 weeks then reintroduce and watch for reactions for 4 days (see below).  Your core food allergen/intolerance complicates the healing process by increasing the overall body inflammation.   Once you remove the core food allergen your body's inflammation will reduce, and sensitivities to other foods will decrease as well.  


The main 4 food allergens are: wheat (gluten), corn (zein), dairy (casein), and soy 


Next common after that are chocolate, peanuts, eggs, tomatoes and beef


THE TEST: Eliminate the suspected food intolerance completely from the diet for 2 weeks then reintroduce and watch for reactions for 4 days (see below)


Immediate histaminic response (within hours, that night or next day)

•     Red, burning eyes, or teary eyes

•     Tiredness, sleepiness

•     Headaches

•     Mood changes, irritability

•     Rashes, hives

•     Nausea, cramps, diarrhea

•     Difficulty concentrating

•     Restlessness, Difficulty Sleeping


Delayed Immunological response (onset 2-7 days later)

•     Colds & Flu – (WBC mediated response)

•     Tiredness, sleepiness

•     Inflammation of mucous membranes, colored phlegm 

•     Fever

•     Eczema (skin itching and irritation and dryness)

•     Rashes, hives

•     Achy Body

•     Vomiting

•     Elevated C-reactive protein


Common severe allergy symptoms are the following:

•     Dairy=skin eczema and respiratory conditions

•     Wheat=colitis, bowel irregularity and high blood pressure

•     Corn=neurological symptoms (like tremors, ticks, shakes, seizures)

•     Soy is believed to be a learned food allergen, if you stop it for 3 months many people have be able to have limited amounts


Hidden places your allergen may be:

•     Wheat- in soy sauce, barbeque sauce, flour, breads, read the side of the boxes

•     Dairy-allergic to protein called casein which has many names

•     Corn- corn syrup…in most premade beverages as sweeteners, corn oil-used to cook chips




About Our Show Advisor: Dr. Dan Kuehne has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Rutgers Business School and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University.  He also has earned the distinction of Applied Clinical Nutritionist, after hundreds of hours of postgraduate education. Dr. Dan achieves remarkable results with his patients because of his dedication to serve his patients.  Dr. Dan learned early on the importance of customizing the care for each patient.  Dr. Dan uses the 7 Pillars of Health and the biofeedback system called, System Strength Analysis to achieve results with his Customized Clinical Nutrition program.  Using whole food supplements, herbs and empowerment education, Dr. Dan facilitates you reaching your health goals, naturally.  Dr. Dan Kuehne also is a gentle and specific chiropractor.  He uses instrument adjusting, and light force chiropractic techniques to restore the body’s vital life force from your brain to your body (every cell, tissue, muscle and organ) without any cracks, twists, or pops.  Dr. Dan motto is “Empowering People to Reach their God Given Potential.”  To learn more about Dr. Dan Kuehne and the techniques he uses visit his website at


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