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Put Your Business On The DesktopTuesday 01/08/2013
JerryJerry Hobby / Anything Internet
CEO & President

Put Your Business On The Desktop


The APPs that you install on your iPhone or Android phones are improving and it will change how we interact with the Web.  Not just from our phones, but from our PCs as well.  The world of APPs is exploding due to the concept of the "marketplace".  Marketplaces exist for Android, iPhone, Windows, and MAC computers as well.  If your business is not working towards these environments, then you may end up looking around saying, "What just happened?", when your customers disappear over time.
APPs are not the same as regular computer software.  APPs are very low cost or free.  For our purposes, just assume they are all free.  Paid APPs are not realistic for most small businesses.   Consumers love to download free APPs.  It's very easy and convenient for them and typically they are fun and convenient to use.  We are not talking about games, but we are talking about consumer and business apps. Take a look at the APP store and see what you find.
Every major drugstore has one.  Clothing and department stores all do. Electronic stores thrive on them.  Financial companies, real estate companies, and tons of other businesses all have APPs there.
If the APPs are available to customers for FREE, then why are all these companies making APPs?   Because customers use them to BUY things! Whether it's for account management, product purchases, or some type of tool, your customers are constantly reminded of your company, your brand, your products, your services.
APPs are far superior to regular web pages primarily because they get installed on the phone or computer desktop.  The icon is right there. Your website is probably not on anyone's desktop.  But your APPs are frequently on the desktop.  That is HUGE for branding.
Break into the world of APPs now and you can get the jump on your competition.  First MATTERS.  Anything Internet has the consultants and developers to deliver your company to these marketplaces with an APP that puts your business on the desktop.

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About Our Show Advisor: Jerry Hobby is the CEO and techno-guru of Anything Internet. He is always looking for new and better ways to help people get more results from their websites. Visit or call 800-686-5986 to schedule your free consultation. Anything Internet - Turning web sites into web businesses.


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