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Joint Ventures Empower Your BusinessTuesday 01/22/2013
JerryJerry Hobby / Anything Internet
CEO & President

Joint Ventures Empower Your Business

Joint Ventures are when two companies work together in a way that helps each company become more successful.   Finding another company that you can partner with in marketing projects or fulfillment work can actually make your business more efficient.   Joint venture marketing is when you reach an agreement to promote another company or products to your customers in exchange for them promoting your company as well.

Some joint venture ideas could involve sharing warehouse space, delivery drivers, combined direct mail, or creative marketing that helps to promote both companies.   One company I know used lots of trucks for residential delivery and has substantial warehouse space.  Other company wanted to explore the idea of having local delivery options.  They reached some type of deal that was mutually beneficial to both companies.
The monster companies are starting to do this now as well.  Companies like and are looking for marketing partners, service provides, and field support reps. is looking for local companies to warehouse common items to they can offer same day delivery of products sold online.  The future is going to be a network of companies.
Anything Internet can help you create a joint venture strategy.   Call Today.

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About Our Show Advisor: Jerry Hobby is the CEO and techno-guru of Anything Internet. He is always looking for new and better ways to help people get more results from their websites. Visit or call 800-686-5986 to schedule your free consultation. Anything Internet - Turning web sites into web businesses.


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