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Before Drinking That Soda...Thursday 03/14/2013
Dr. DanDr. Dan Kuehne / Customized Clinical Nutritionist

Before Drinking That Soda... READ THIS!

The United States ranks first among countries in soft drink consumption.   In fact, Americans guzzle more than 13 billion gallons of soda annually.  Soft drink suppliers maintain that consuming their products is completely safe; however, we beg to differ.


There are multiple risks involved with sipping soda.  In fact, it presents several threats:


  • Children who drink soda develop a significant risk factor for impaired calcification of growing bones.


·         Adolescents who consume soft drinks increase their risk of fractured bones by three or four fold.


·         Acids and sugar found in carbonated drinks dissolve tooth enamel and cause cavities, gingivitis, periodontal disease, and tooth loss to occur.


  • Heavy soft drink consumption interferes with the body's metabolism of iron.


Fit To Fat

  • Drinking soda regularly can diminish nerve impulse transmission.


  • All the calories ingested while drinking sodas can lead to obesity; obesity leads to diabetes.


  • Diabetes is now being linked to high fructose corn syrup, a substance used sweeten soft drinks - And, do not think you are safe because you only drink diet soda…While diet soda lacks calories and high fructose corn syrup, they contain artificial sweeteners (Feel free to ask us for more information.)


  • The high sugar content in soda elevates blood sugar level overworking the pancreas.  In fact, a recent study led by Dr. Mark A. Pereira and his colleagues from the School of Public Health University of Minnesota showed that people drinking two or more soft drinks per week were at 87 percent higher risk of pancreatic cancer, compared with those who did not consume soft drinks. This startling study, published in 2010 in various journals including the Cancer EpidemiologyBio-markersNature, and Prevention concluded that the "Regular consumption of soft drinks may play an independent role in the development of pancreatic cancer."


No Soda

Evidence is mounting – STOP Drinking Soda!


Do you need support and encouragement to take this life changing step?  Ask the doctors at Dr Dan Kuehne how he can help. 


Your complete wellness is our only goal!


About Our Show Advisor: Dr. Dan Kuehne has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Rutgers Business School and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University.  He also has earned the distinction of Applied Clinical Nutritionist, after hundreds of hours of postgraduate education. Dr. Dan achieves remarkable results with his patients because of his dedication to serve his patients.  Dr. Dan learned early on the importance of customizing the care for each patient.  Dr. Dan uses the 7 Pillars of Health and the biofeedback system called, System Strength Analysis to achieve results with his Customized Clinical Nutrition program.  Using whole food supplements, herbs and empowerment education, Dr. Dan facilitates you reaching your health goals, naturally.  Dr. Dan Kuehne also is a gentle and specific chiropractor.  He uses instrument adjusting, and light force chiropractic techniques to restore the body’s vital life force from your brain to your body (every cell, tissue, muscle and organ) without any cracks, twists, or pops.  Dr. Dan motto is “Empowering People to Reach their God Given Potential.”  To learn more about Dr. Dan Kuehne and the techniques he uses visit his website at


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