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Go From “Tripod The 3 Legged Dog” To “Best In Show”Wednesday 03/20/2013
BertrandBertrand McHenry / Referral Institute Of Houston
Owner / Trainer / Consutlant

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How To Go From “Tripod The 3 Legged Dog” To “Best In Show”By Bertrand McHenry and Dirk Cummins


Cyclone O’Hara was the name of the Magician and, if I remember correctly it was Big MaMa Country’s Carnival! This Carnival came to my hometown once a year usually in the Fall and was always a source of wonder and amazement for me and my brothers. The rides mostly stayed the same, but every year they carried a few new acts and I was always anxious to see what wonderment Big Mama’s would bring each year…come to think of it I never did actually see Big Mama, just the carnival barkers and of course the hobo carnies, and trust me these guys were worth the price of admission!


However, one fall evening we got tickets to the carnival and I had an act I really wanted to see…”Tripod the 3 Legged Dog!” Now sitting here today, I have no idea what the attraction was to this particular show. I suppose I had never seen a 3 legged dog and was fascinated to see if he could still walk, run, fetch, and if he “rolled over” could he get back up? These were the things that concerned me but I was NOT prepared for what I witnessed that night! As we approached, the barker was wolfing his last tickets, the line was growing outside the tent, and as he laid down his bull horn and stepped down from the podium and began to take tickets, I could  barely contain my excitement! The line began to move and soon enough we were inside the tent and seated. The inside of the tent was well lit and I had a clear shot to the stage. That’s when Cyclone O’Hara took the stage, and announced that this particular dog had been found on a Native American Reservation in New Mexico, this dog we were about to see was once a fierce Native American Indian Dog named Zakai Ashkii. This dog was a fierce fighter, protective of family, highly intelligent and loyal. However this dog had been attacked by a rogue pack of wolves, had its leg severed and left to die. After this story, they pulled the curtain on a cage which was onstage and staring out was this gaunt, flea bitten, whimpering….Chihuahua! What? Really? I mean this thing on a leash limped out, nails clicking on the boards of the stage, shivering, turned looked out at the audience, stared at us all for about 2 seconds and then just tinkled a puddle right there on the stage! Silence just hung in the room…until…Cyclone O’Hara announced that the dog, in his current state, is not what he wanted us to see. He said on the same reservation they ran into a Native American Medicine Man who claimed to be able to heal that little dog and restore him to his former greatness…and he was going to do it on stage right in front of us! THIS I had to see. With a lot of fanfare the Medicine Man was escorted in full regalia, headdress, yes even face paint, to the center of the stage where he stood motionless to glare us all down. He brought with him some fellow Indians, Medicine Man interns I suppose,  and they began to dance around little, shivering, bedwetting Tripod. The drum beating and singing got louder and louder and suddenly there was a huge puff of smoke and when the smoke cleared, the three Indians, and the Medicine Man stood, and in front of them where Tripod had leaned, was this magnificent, proud, fierce, warrior of a dog stood before us…and the Medicine Man announced  “Zakai Ashkii!” I was floored! How had this happened? Yes I know it was a total ruse and yet, I still marvel at the absolute wonder of that moment! You are compelled and correct to ask “What the heck does this have to do with my business?” Glad you asked!


Many of us are either beginning a business, and we have no plan. Don’t look now but you are already limping! Many of us have started a business months ago and there is no way to disguise the limp. We are “tripod”, listen closely you can hear some of us whimpering, shivering…we hate to admit it but it’s true. While I know that the carnival’s show was exactly that…a show, I also know for a fact that a plan, a system can work absolute miracles. Guess what? We have that plan,  we’ve been using it for years, and we have decided to share it with you here on LBM Radio. We call it simply “6 Weeks to Revenue!” (Promise No Medicine Men) Want to start making a profit ASAP? Don’t miss this class…let’s go from “Tripod” to “Best In Show!”



About Our Show Advisor: Bertrand McHenry spent 22 years developing his skills in outside sales. Starting out in the cell phone business, then to Pitney Bowes, Dictaphone Division, and finally in Medical Diagnostic Equipment Sales. His expertise became finding, training, and developing dynamic and record setting sales teams. A number of years ago he was introduced to the concept of “Referral Marketing” as a strategy for growing his business. It worked and he was hooked! At a conference Bertrand was presented with the Referral Institute opportunity and “I was intrigued so I began researching the company and its curriculum. It is actually the only company teaching Referral Marketing as a strategy to business owners and entrepreneurs around the world…so it didn’t take me long.” These days Bertrand is doing what he loves and what he does best…teach and train! “There is a lot of misunderstanding around the words “networking” and “referral marketing”. People make a lot of assumptions about those two words, and most of those assumptions are wrong! I can tell you without a doubt that Referral Marketing is the most powerful form of marketing there is. If we structure a referral marketing strategy and follow through week after week and just use the V.C.P relationship model…we can actually predict our income 6, 9, even 12 months out!” Most recently he has been quoted on,, and USA Today featured him in an article on today’s economy calling him a “Trendsetter in the New Economy!” He is also a contributing author on Brian Tracy’s newest book titled “The Only Business Book You’ll Ever Need to Buy” due out in February 2012 Bertrand also hosted a radio show “Business Builders Radio” on CBS radio, Talk 650 AM. The radio show was dedicated to teaching the concepts of referral marketing and helping as many business owners as possible. Bertrand is fond of saying: “I love to teach business owners to Work Less, Play More, Make More Money, and Create Referrals for Life!”

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