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Sunscreens Are Hazardous To Your Health!Thursday 04/05/2012
Dr. DanDr. Dan Kuehne / Customized Clinical Nutritionist

4.999999 out of 5 Sunscreens Are Hazardous To Your Health!

A study by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reveals that 97% of Americans are contaminated with a widely-used sunscreen ingredient called oxybenzone that has been linked to allergies, hormone disruption, and cell damage! -25 MAR 2008


One of the things that we are passionate about is keeping kids safe from the many toxicities we unfortunately encounter on a daily basis from our synthetic industrialized world.  When we researched the safety of the suntan lotions we drench on our children all summer long, we were amazed how many of the ingredients in the products from companies claiming to be natural and/or organic sounded like chemicals.  When we checked into this we found most sunscreens contain UNSAFE CHEMICALS.


From several different sources we have read that the chemical sunscreens can possibly cause FREE RADICAL DAMAGE to the skin when exposed to light (contributing to cancer), are ABSORBED through the skin into the body (and are probably accumulating in fat cells as many toxins do),  may have ESTROGENIC activity (affecting our hormone balance) and may affect BRAIN DEVELOPMENT. 


I know this seems hard to believe because we are bombarded with warnings to protect ourselves from sun burn and sun damage.  We constantly hear commercials for sun products that supposedly protect us from the evil sun.  Skin Cancer Rates have tripled in recent years, even with the heightened use of sunscreen. Now there is research that is linking the chemical ingredients in sunscreens to skin cancer!!!  The Life Empowerment team recommends caution.  Choose your sunscreen wisely!


The worst offenders in the group of chemical sunscreens are IN ALL OF THE COMMON SUNCREENS–Coppertone, Banana Boat, Hawaiian Tropics, etc.-even in formulas for kids and babies.


We were also surprised how many of the sunscreens that claimed to be natural had these toxins in them!


The list of potentially toxic and carcinogenic ingredients to avoid includes:

Ø  Benzophenone  

Ø  Homosalate 

Ø  Octyl-Methoxycinnamate aka OMC

Ø  Octisalate       

Ø  Octocrylene

Ø  Parasol 1789 (Avobenzone)      

Ø  Parabens (toxic preservatives)

Ø  Octyldimethyl-PABA (OD-PABA)

Ø  4-methyl-benzylidene camphor (4-MBC)

Ø  Para amino benzoic acid...

Ø  Octyl salicyclate...

Ø  Avobenzone...

Ø  Oxybenzone...

Ø  Cinoxate...

Ø  Padimate O...

Ø  Dioxybenzone...

Ø  Phenylbenzimidazole...

Ø  Homosalate...

Ø  Sulisobenzone...

Ø  Menthyl anthranilate...

Ø  Trolamine salicyclate...

Ø  Octocrylene...

After hours of research, we found the healthiest choice is a product called Mexitan. (I know, weird name).  If you have friends and family in other states who want it, their website is  Remember, everything that you put on your skin enters into your bloodstream, which then has to be filtered by your liver and kidneys. We have enough toxins, we don’t need to add more to our skin every summer!


Mexitan uses two natural ingredients- Zinc oxide and Titanium Dioxide, which comes from beach sand and clay.  This product will have a light glimmer when you look at your skin in the sun.  This is a              water-resistant formula (any waterproof formula has toxins in it).   Remember to reapply after periods of swimming.  This comes in many SPF’s.  For your children we recommend the SPF 50.   Enjoy!


Also check out their natural bug spray called Skedattle!



About Our Show Advisor: Dr. Dan Kuehne has a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Rutgers Business School and a Doctorate of Chiropractic from Life University.  He also has earned the distinction of Applied Clinical Nutritionist, after hundreds of hours of postgraduate education. Dr. Dan achieves remarkable results with his patients because of his dedication to serve his patients.  Dr. Dan learned early on the importance of customizing the care for each patient.  Dr. Dan uses the 7 Pillars of Health and the biofeedback system called, System Strength Analysis to achieve results with his Customized Clinical Nutrition program.  Using whole food supplements, herbs and empowerment education, Dr. Dan facilitates you reaching your health goals, naturally.  Dr. Dan Kuehne also is a gentle and specific chiropractor.  He uses instrument adjusting, and light force chiropractic techniques to restore the body’s vital life force from your brain to your body (every cell, tissue, muscle and organ) without any cracks, twists, or pops.  Dr. Dan motto is “Empowering People to Reach their God Given Potential.”  To learn more about Dr. Dan Kuehne and the techniques he uses visit his website at


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